Be Better, Not Bitter: Giving away free art on Valentine’s 2017

So we gave out some #FreeArt (lookie here!) a few weeks back. No reason, besides the fact that it was Valentines’ and we wanted to give away some love and light just in case some people weren’t getting any. That and it was actually our third collaboration with our awesome and talented photographer friend, Em. […]

Creative Idea: Gift Wrapping Cute TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar Lip Balm With Origami Dress

In Japan, there is a cultural practice of giving omiyage or gifts. This is done after taking a trip somewhere. It’s usually in the form of individually wrapped food. Friends, family, workmates, and schoolmates, there is an unsaid obligation to give them a little something back from your trip. I realized omiyage giving is quite a big […]