Scribe Writing Essentials Warehouse Sale

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Officially just 9 days before my departure to the land of the rising sun. It’s almost time for me to leave! I’ve been putting off any shopping recently save for some winter clothes. Japan has a high standard of living and I’ve heard everything is much more expensive there. I would say I’ve been doing a really good job.

Until I saw this sale.

Scribe has been one of the main suppliers of writing needs, including calligraphy. They have branches in malls all over Metro Manila (check out their branches over here). I’ve been living in San Juan for around two years now, but I never knew Scribe’s main office was this near. How did I find out? Because they’re having a warehouse sale RIGHT. NOW. – and their prices are crazy!

I got there early (seriously guys, RUN) because I had no classes and only had afternoon appointments. I saw some photos posted on Facebook, saw found this beautiful boxed quill nib holder and knew I just had to get it. Stationery/art supply sales are the equivalent of retail therapy in my life. I’m telling you: get there as early as you can because what you see is what you get.

My Scribe Warehouse Sale Haul

#1 Silver Sealing Ink Pad (PHP 100)

This ink pad is used for wax seals to give it extra dimension

#2 Personal Seal Set (PHP 100)

In medieval times, they’d use wax seals such as this to seal letters and other documents. A broken wax seal indicates that the parcel has been tampered with. These days, wax seals add a decorative touch to personal correspondence.

I got a T for Twine + Sunshine!

#3 Wax Sticks (PHP 100)

These originally retailed for PHP 200, so I got these at 50% off! When used with the ink pad above, it creates a really nice contrast.

The Scribe Warehouse Sale
September 16-18, 2016 at the Scribe Main Office
#48 Granada Street, Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City
10 AM until 4 PM
Contact for directions and inquiries

It’s near Robinson’s Magnolia, although you’d still have to do a bit of walking

/*don’t forget to message Scribe about this*/

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